Our Company  

Join the list of local, regional and national companies serviced by AmeriPride and you will benefit from a true business partnership. We are experts in clean, and can help you develop a program that is tailored to your business needs. At AmeriPride, we guarantee complete, on-time deliveries, responsiveness, courteous service and unmatched quality.

People You Can Count On

Since 1889, our success has been built on proven products and solutions that exceed industry standards and customer expectations. It’s not a coincidence that when our customers work with us, they stay with us. Our willingness to roll up our sleeves and come through no matter their needs keeps customers coming back for more. We are time-tested. We are always ready to serve. We are tried and true.

  • Experience- We’ve been caring for our customers for 125 years, and this experience helps us to take care of our customers today. We are uniquely positioned to provide great service and guarantee satisfaction.
  • Knowledge- We know the business and we understand our customers’ needs. Our expertise helps customers save time and money so they can focus on what’s important-- their own customers.
  • Service- We’re fast, dependable and local. Our service team gets to know our customers and their needs and you will see the same familiar face on every delivery.
  • Flexibility- We have programs to suit your growing and changing needs, including rent, lease or direct sale options. We’ll go above and beyond to respond to your changing needs and make adjustments as needed.




telematics.jpgAmeriPride is fueled by innovation. We've got uniform service down to a science with advanced processes complemented by an exclusive, state-of-the-art apparel management system. 

  • Automated systems sort and track your products throughout the cleaning process using advanced RFID chips and barcoding. This means you get the right product on time, every time.
  • Telematics software reduces fuel consumption and increases safety by monitoring driving activity and creating reports, helping identify inefficiencies and modify driving behaviors.
  • Electronic handheld devices allow customer service representatives to manage accounts in real time, right from their routes: invoicing at point of contact (increases efficiency, decreases mistakes), managing inventory (improves inventory accuracy), ordering products (increases accuracy) and repairing and replacing garments (maintains inventory quality).

The competitive edge of our ingenuity has made us one of North America's most technologically advanced uniform service companies. Each new technology we adopt means better quality and service for our customers. This passion, coupled with personalized service, keeps customers satisfied and sustains the business year after year.




Our Statement of Business Ethics states that we will:

  • Provide customers with the highest quality of service
  • Treat employees with dignity, compensate them fairly for their contributions and provide a safe work environment
  • Deal fairly and honestly with our suppliers and competitors
  • Vigorously protect our shareholders’ investment
  • Be good citizens and stewards of the environment in the communities we operate

In addition, our core values of integrity, trust, respect and responsibility are a strong foundation for everything we do. We work hard to ensure our actions are consistent with our words and values. We strive to earn the confidence of customers and co-workers by communicating honestly, accurately and sincerely. We're committed to treating others with courtesy, dignity and fairness. And we take ownership for results, accept accountability for our actions and lead by example. 




Family Owned

Our privately-held company is still owned and managed by the Steiner family. There are five family members on the Board of Directors and two family members actively involved in the daily operations of the business.

Being family owned differentiates AmeriPride from its large, corporate competitors. While others are beholden to Wall Street, AmeriPride is driven by what is best for our customers. 

The core family values launched and built the company are still guiding it. As testament to that, AmeriPride was recently awarded the Twin Cities Business 2011 Minnesota Family Business Award as the top company in the ‘Legacy’ category.