SERVICES : Garment Management

Our expertise in uniforms makes AmeriPride a great fit.

A uniform program presents a professional image to your customers and co-workers in addition to
providing a safe environment for your employees. At AmeriPride, we know uniforms. We continually
strive to deliver service excellence through a series of processes designed to seamlessly ensure your
program is fast, accurate and problem free.

Quality Products

Doing business with AmeriPride means you will always have a fresh, well maintained, sharp looking uniform. That’s because we start with the highest quality products on the market that are designed for the type of work you do.  All of our garments must meet or exceed design and construction specifications as well as rigorous wear and wash testing that meet or exceed industry standards. Starting with durable fabrics, and constructed using high performance thread, our products provide you and your team with valuable benefits to help you get the job done.

Service You Can Rely On

No one matches AmeriPride in ongoing uniform care. From our state-of-the-art, computer controlled laundry systems to our proactive upgrade program, we go the extra mile to ensure you get uniforms that look better, longer. When uniforms have loose buttons or smalls tears, the repairs are always made in time for your next delivery. That’s our promise, from the People You Can Count On®


We use innovative handheld technology for managing and updating every detail of your program, on the spot. All changes and additions to your service are addressed immediately to ensure your account is always up to date.


We assign garments to the individual employee and then track them through every stage of the laundering process. This ensures that you always have the right garment when you need it.


Our invoicing is clear and understandable. It describes the quantities and services provided at the line item level so there are no hidden costs or surprises.


Our lockers provide additional security for your uniform program. We have a variety of sizes that help keep your uniform storage areas neat, organized and sanitary.