Certifiably Sustainable

When you trust a company to launder and deliver your uniforms and linens, you want to be assured that they are using best practices throughout the process. One way to quantify this commitment is through the Textile Rental Service Association’s (TRSA) Clean Green designation.

Let's Talk Microfiber

You’re probably familiar with microfiber in terms of clothing, blankets and upholstery. But are you cleaning with it? Find out how and why you should be incorporating microfiber towels and mops into your cleaning routine.

5 Ways to Prevent Uniform & Linen Loss

Without the right inventory management procedures in place, it can be easy for your employees to lose or damage uniforms and linens, resulting in costly losses for your business. Here are five easy ways to help prevent loss and protect your bottom line.

Measure Up

How many times have you guessed at your size when ordering a shirt or jeans online? Sometimes it works out and other times it ends up in the return pile. With uniforms, it is too important to leave it up to guessing.

In the Driver’s Seat: Maurice Rutherford, CSR

Meet Springfield’s own Maurice Rutherford, first time Emerald Eagle Quarterly National qualifier.

Seasonal Standouts

Pantone’s fall color report calls for some of the mainstay autumnal colors with a few dashes of refreshing shades. We’ve matched Pantone’s picks with our favorite apparel.

Negotiating for Good

We recently chatted with Theresa Schulz, AmeriPride’s VP Secretary & General Counsel, to learn about everything that goes on in the world of laws, liabilities and litigation. Read on as she speaks to her career path, the landscape of females in leadership roles and what’s on her to-do list for 2018.

A Proactive Approach to Workplace Safety

According to the National Safety Council, 25% of workplace injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls. The good news is there are steps you can take to help prevent these types of accidents from happening.

Commitment to Moving Forward

Responsibility is a value that consistently shows up throughout our company. It’s even woven into our brand promise: People You Can Count On®. It should come as no surprise that we strive to be a leader in corporate responsibility, but what is eye-opening are some of the stats that support these efforts.

AmeriPride Goes to the State Fair

When the refreshingly cool, deliciously sweet and deep fried heavyweights of the Minnesota State Fair need uniforms and linens, they rely on their backyard neighbor, AmeriPride. Little known fact, we help 30+ vendors present a clean, branded appearance.

Making Our Mark

As one of the largest textile rental and supply companies in North America, we have a responsibility to the environment and communities we operate in – and we take it seriously. We continue to develop efficiencies within our plant operations and delivery routes that have a positive impact on the environment.

Colors of Summer

Are you looking for pieces to update your team’s uniforms? Are you one to keep up with the trends? Take a page (or paint swatch) from Pantone for inspiration.

In the Driver’s Seat: Greg Miller, CSR

Greg Miller, Redding, CA CSR, prides himself on building customer relationships and discovering new travel adventures.

The Path to Leadership

As a fourth-generation family owner, Andrew Steiner has been part of the uniform and linen business long before he could say the word “laundry.” We recently sat down with Andrew to talk about his experiences with AmeriPride and Canadian Linen as a family member, intern and employee. 

Working With Fabrics

So you’re on the quest for the perfect uniform … you have many factors to consider. There’s size, fit, color, functionality and several others. Don’t overlook the fabric of your workwear. Depending on your work environment, you’ll want to keep in mind the benefits of certain fabrics for your uniforms.

Stamp of Approval

We recently talked with Bill Ching, President of American Uniform Company, about his role in testing AmeriPride garments. Expanding on those responsibilities, Bill explains the importance of garment certification and the procedures that go along with performance and quality.

Passing the Test

Ever wonder what an AmeriPride unifom goes through before it's deemed worthy of handling your workday? Let's learn how a garment's quality and performance are validated.

In the Driver's Seat: Jeff Ward, CSR

Meet Jeff Ward, Jackson, TN CSR, Emerald Eagle winner and 22-year AmeriPride veteran.

Going Green

Spring means fresh lawns, budding blooms and renewed energy. And there’s no better color to reflect the season than the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery. In terms of color psychology, green suggests growth, harmony and stability, which are all strong qualities for a brand to represent.

All In On Corporate Responsibility

After a little more than a year in his role, Brian Keegan, AmeriPride’s Safety and Sustainability Officer (SSO), has made corporate responsibility his main focus. Find out what keeps Brian busy and what’s on tap for the year ahead as SSO of an industrial rental uniform and linen company.

Overseas Collaboration

It’s easy to take for granted the large inventory of uniforms and linens that we’re able to supply to customers across the United States and Canada. A key production partner is our factory in Zhongshan, China, located near Hong Kong. Let’s take a tour of the facility with Dave Rotman, VP of Marketing and Supply Chain, who recently spent time at the plant.

Uniform Fit and Size: What's the Difference?

When it comes to uniforms, fit and size are not the same thing. Size is your actual measurement (think waist, inseam, neck, etc.). Fit is more about the shape and cut of the garment. There’s Modern Fit, Slim Fit, Classic Fit and many others. You need to consider both when ordering garments.

In The Driver’s Seat: Jeremy Sanders and Alex Sewell, Customer Operations Managers, Minneapolis Branch

It’s not every day you hear of colleagues who have worked alongside each other for 20+ years, let alone at the same company. Jeremy Sanders and Alex Sewell have grown on the job together at AmeriPride since the mid 1990s, both starting on the back dock – Jeremy as a preloader and Alex as an unloader. Find out how Jeremy and Alex have taken service to the next level and how they’ve built their careers at AmeriPride.

Before You Sign a Service Agreement

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before signing a uniform and linen service agreement or renewal. Regardless of the vendor, make sure the following procedures are in writing, clearly defined and explained. And always read the fine print.

On-Trend Uniforms: Fabric, Fit & Features

Looking for new ways to amp up performance and keep your employees happy and comfortable? Today’s trends include uniforms designed for more fashion-conscious workers, with special fabric, fit and features that help maximize their productivity and comfort.

Inventory Management Made Easy

Effective inventory management is important to success. It ensures the right products are available for workers to do their job, while optimizing cost efficiencies. But managing inventory is not an easy task, and your time is better spent on serving your customers.

Know the Difference: Uniform Rental, Lease & Purchase Programs

Your business is unique and deserves a tailored uniform solution to address your challenges. That’s why AmeriPride gives you the flexibility to create a program that fits your needs.

Brand Building From the Floor Up

There’s more to your brand’s reputation than employee behavior and quality of work. Subtler things and unexpected touches, like floor mats and pressed linens, can make a great first impression and help strengthen your image.

The Cost of Buying Cheap

Don’t let promises of “lower prices” rule your uniform program decisions. Instead of uniform price, think uniform value. Now you have more innovative fabrics, specialized fits and enhanced functionality than ever that can help you optimize employee safety, productivity and brand reputation.

In the Driver's Seat: Joey Cavalier, CSR

Get to know Joey Cavalier - father of three, board game fanatic and standout Minneapolis CSR.

Outerwear: Ensuring Comfort, Productivity & Safety Every Season

Outerwear is more than a means for generating a professional image for your employees and your brand. It’s a way to ensure your team is comfortable, productive and protected in any environment and as the seasons change.


Learn how we make your life easier with brand-building solutions to keep your employees and facilities looking their best.