Jeff Ward



Editor’s note: Jeff has received the Emerald Eagle award two of the three periods so far in 2017. This award recognizes the individual who has achieved the highest daily set goals for their respective branch.

How long have you been a CSR with AmeriPride?

I have been with AmeriPride for 22 years all combined. I started with the company before it became AmeriPride, working several years as a Routeman/CSR. I then moved into a management position. I left the company for a brief time and returned three years later. I’ve been here ever since!

What areas/cities do you cover?

I cover the south end of the district which AmeriPride services out of the Jackson, TN depot. This includes Henderson, Scotts Hill, Bolivar, Selmer, Pickwick, Savannah, Shiloh, Adamsville, Michie, Crump, Parsons and Decaturville – basically any city or small town south of Jackson before the Mississippi state line.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the people I come in contact with and service on a regular basis. The respect and relationships I have come to know with my customers and what it means to them to have good, honest and loyal service are what gives me pride.

What is your favorite customer story or interaction?

My favorite interaction would be that of every customer in one way or another. Each customer has their own way of wanting their account handled. Learning about each one, treating them with respect and gaining their trust always gives me a good feeling that my customers appreciate me. Good days or bad days, the “thank you" that you receive when you leave their business is the best interaction a CSR could possibly ask for. 

On average, how many miles do you drive in a day?

Depending on the schedule for the week, an average day would consist of more than 200-300 miles for me. I have lots of small town stops.

Do you have any pet peeves related to your truck?

As most any of the drivers would say, the temperature of the trucks in the summer and the lack of air conditioning can be challenging at times. Also, with the size of my route and it being a route out of the area of the depot, sometimes I have to get creative with how I fit everything in my truck.

Do you have a system for organizing your truck?

I am OCD when it comes to the loading of my truck! I keep it clean and neat at all times. I try organizing by the delivery schedule, and I allow adequate room for what will be picked up.

Since we’re in the business of laundering, do you iron your own clothes?

I personally do not iron. But my wife absolutely thinks that ironing is the best stress reliever there is, so I allow her to release all the stress she wants. She puts a mean crease in clothes!  

When you’re not in the truck, what are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies are sports. I play competitive softball in several divisions. I umpire both softball and baseball in my hometown and surrounding area and assist with the junior high and high school basketball and baseball programs. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and always taking the opportunity to catch a good game whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or softball.


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