Image of men in outerwear gear


Outerwear is more than a means for generating a professional image for your employees and your brand. It’s a way to ensure your team is comfortable, productive and protected in any environment and as the seasons change.

All-Day Productivity

When your employees don’t have to worry about being too cold or too hot, they can focus on the task at hand—maximizing their productivity to bring higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Outerwear can feature added functionality to help your employees perform better:

  • Automotive Repair – Rip-stop fabrics in automotive gear keep employees safe, while extending the life of the work wear.
  • Oil and Gas – High-visibility vests, coveralls and jackets enhance visibility when light is limited.
  • Electrical and Manufacturing – Flame-resistant uniforms minimize risk to prevent worksite accidents and keep employees on task.

Year-Round Comfort

For businesses in fickle climates, or with employees that work in multiple settings, outerwear is critical for optimizing comfort.

Consider the following example at a common restaurant: A hospitality polo shirt may be perfect for serving customers indoors — but it’s not ideal for all weather conditions, such as when serving diners on the patio or working as a valet. With the addition of a light work jacket, rain coat or lined hoodie, you can give employees an extra layer for warmth and comfort, while ensuring they maintain a reputable, on-brand look.

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