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Without the right inventory management procedures in place, it can be easy for your employees to lose or damage uniforms and linens, resulting in costly losses for your business. Here are five easy ways to help prevent loss and protect your bottom line.

1.  Set Clear Expectations

Training is key. Use team meetings to remind your employees how to properly handle soiled uniforms and linens, and prevent them from getting thrown away. For industries with high employee turnover, repetition is critical to ensure your inventory management procedures are followed.

2.  Utilize Emails and Signage

If lost inventory is a consistent problem, build awareness among your staff. Short email messages and posters placed in high-traffic areas are quick, effective ways to educate your team, curb loss and avoid accidental throwaways.

3.  Limit Access to Inventory

Prevent mishandling of your inventory by restricting access to work shirts, aprons, towels and other linens to only select employees. It may seem drastic, but it works

4.  Offer No-Punishment Return Days

Recoup lost uniforms and linens by offering a grace period for their return. An anonymous drop location can encourage workers to return items they may not want you to know they’ve taken.

5.  Install a Locker System

Keeping garments onsite helps prevent them from being misplaced. Adopt a locker system to keep storage areas neat, organized and sanitary — and to add another level of security for your uniform program.

As always, you can count on your AmeriPride Customer Service Representative to alert you to irregularities in your inventory levels. Contact us for additional ideas on stemming inventory loss.


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