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Seasonal Mat Solutions

It’s February and you probably don’t need (or want) a reminder that we’re in the heart of winter. But since the forecast says this weather is here for awhile, do you have the right floor mats to help combat the season’s slush, snow and ice? Indoor and outdoor mats are crucial when it comes to your business’s appearance and safety.

The best way to reduce slips and falls at the entrance of your building is with the one-two punch of a scrape and dry mat system. Use a scraper mat outside the entryway to remove dirt and snow. It is engineered to trap soils below the surface. Right inside the doorway, a classic mat allows guests to wipe off any remaining debris and water. And don’t worry about melting snow leaking onto the floor; the classic mat can hold more than one gallon of water.

This combo can catch up to 90% of dirt and dust, meaning your entrance is clean and safe. Both of these mats are made of heavy nitrile rubber, which reduces mat movement and helps defend against trips.

Take a look at your current floor mats. Are they showing signs of seasonal wear and tear? When you rent your mats from a facility services provider, the upkeep is taken care of. You don’t have to lug bulky mats around when they need to be cleaned. Your mats are on a wash and return rotation so that they are always fresh and effective. And with an industrial launderer, floor mats are completely washed, versus just vacuumed, to remove all dirt and reinvigorate the fibers.

Maintain a positive first impression as guests enter your business. Durable, effective and consistently clean floor mats provide an inviting and safe entrance. And because you don’t have the large upfront fees associated with purchasing floor mats, rental becomes a cost-effective solution to keeping the winter elements outside.


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